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Companionship comes in many forms, but none better than a loyal dog. Complete your family and enrich your life with a purebred German shepherd puppy. Randy's Shepherds based in Faribault, MN is a state-licensed German shepherd breeder. For over 30 years, we have been breeding and selling healthy shepherd puppies in a safe and clean environment.

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We are dedicated to safely breeding healthy dogs.

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3 reasons to adopt a German shepherd

German shepherds are one of the smartest, most loyal domestic dog breeds. When you're searching for a new furry companion, consider the many perks of owning a German shepherd. German shepherds are known for being:

  1. Easy to train - Due to their high intelligence, German shepherds pick up on cues and orders easily and can be trained as work dogs.
  2. Great guard dogs -German shepherds are loyal to their pack and can be loud and aggressive when they feel threatened by outsiders.
  3. Playful and energetic - Like most large breeds, German shepherds love to play and can be a great companion for energetic kids.

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Life is better with a dog

There's nothing better than coming home to sloppy kisses and a wagging tail. Randy's Shepherds can help you find a furry companion to call your own. Our German shepherds for sale are all purebred and have the beautiful black and tan fur that German shepherds are known for.

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