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Are you searching for a furry companion for your family? Adopt a German shepherd puppy from Randy's Shepherds in Faribault, MN & Owatonna, MN. We are licensed German shepherd breeders and can help you find the best dog for your family.

When a new litter is born, you'll get a chance to interact with the puppies and choose which one you want to adopt. We take care of all puppy shots and deworming before they go home with you.

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No family is complete without a dog

No family is complete without a dog

Reach out to a local German shepherd breeder today

Have your kids been begging for a dog? Do you want a running companion or a fierce protector? German shepherds are not just pets, they're family. When you adopt a German shepherd from Randy's Shepherds you know you're getting a friend for a lifetime.

When you're ready to adopt a dog, reach out to Randy's Shepherds based in Faribault, MN.